MCE, which stands for Maxitama Catering Equipment, is a subsidiary company of Maxitama Refrigeration Sdn Bhd, which is renowned in the manufacturing line of the commercial refrigeration and stainless steel fabrication.

At MCE , we aim to provide you a simple solutions to your kitchen related problems, offering you a one stop solutions in design consultancy, customized finishing and technical support services to cater your needs. Due to the diverse nature of the industry, we have a team of experienced design consultants who’ll visit the sites to analyze, discuss and advise on ways to create the best out of your kitchen. No matter what your budget is, we’ll work with you to give you the best value for money.

Our factory, which is located in Ipoh & Shah Alam, is supported by 100 highly skilled and dedicated members staff who work to ensure the quality of our products. This enables custom fabrication of refrigeration and stainless steel to cater our customer needs.

Since its incorporation, the company has established wide contacts and a close association with international chain, restaurants, institutions,food supply companies, architects and consultants. Our range of customers include international and local & international restaurant chains, institutions,catering restaurants, civil buildings, grill and bars, hotels, food court and industrial cafeteria.

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